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Our mission is to provide professional “Innovative Health Solutions” to the healthcare end-users and providers, to include being “One Stop Provider” for all home health Care needs of our patients and to provide consultancy and medical equipment to health care facilities.


Valiant Health Care, Inc. is an international provider of medical equipment and full range of consultancy services offering “Innovative Healthcare Solutions” to health care facilities. In East Africa, India & Mid-East.

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 India & East Asia :
 Mr. Yusuf Gandhi

 East Africa & Mid- East:
 Mr. Deven Jadeja

Valiant is pleased announce that its major share holder DMASC Holdings, Inc. has agreed to provide equity funding to acquire company owned Medicare certified home health care agency in strategic markets to enhance the capabilities of existing franchised units and or to expand the companies geographical presence.

Valiant completes a reverse
merger with Willing Holding and commences trading on
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Company is negotiating to retain
an investment firm to raise equity capital to pursue future acquisitions