Why allow limited budgets to dictate the kind of solution to impliment? With the Glotecx solution,you will be able to upgrade to the standard of medicine you would like to provide for your patients.

We at Glotecx pride ourselves on our ability to understand the needs presented to us and deliver workable answers. Our world-wide network of agents are professionals with a strong organizational backing and the expertise to provide complete solutions to your issues with technology, financing and training.

Based in United States, Glotecx is continously apprised of the latest improvments in medical technology and organistaion. This however, does not remove us from the realities and complexities of the day to day issues which plauge healthcare world-wide.

Our Services will satisfy your wishes for imrpoved effeciency of operation on all levels.
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 Accessible Home Health Care
 Profile...   Our Start / Mission…   First five years Objective...

Our goal is to be the best home health care provider expanding nationally through the franchising model.

Thoroughly researched to determine the need of the industry during the next 20 years and analyzed the home health care providers and franchise offerings.

A clear picture emerged of lack of a real full service quality home health care provider or a franchiser of the same that addressed the immediate, short or long term needs of neither the patients nor the payers.

We developed a model to address immediate…short term and long term needs of the 1) patients 2) payers. We determined the most effective means to expand our model nationally and internationally would be through franchising.

Thus since day one all our copyrighted manuals, systems and software are developed after research, in house testing to be effectively implemented by our franchisees and that we can train and support them.

We became a franchiser first and for the first 5 years we had 6 company owned units. During this phase the units operated as franchisees and we did practical testing of our model…we tweaked and re-tweaked the system and the model…


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